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A Knucklehead Company
226 W. 47th st. 8th Floor,
New York, NY 10036
Tel: 212 920 3090
Fax: 646 638 7821
About Us
A Knucklehead Company is an international manufacturer of sporting 
goods, focused primarily on manufacturing high quality protective 

Knucklehead was established in 2007 to service the specific needs of 
the North America markets. A brand new manufacturing facility that 
only delivers goods to North America was inaugurated on July 1, 2010. 
Knucklehead is more than just a manufacturer. It possesses domestic 
warehousing, a graphic design & merchandising team, and a product 
liability policy. Knucklehead strives to offer the ultimate buying 
experience for its customers.

New for 2011, Knucklehead is proud to offer its customers a 
comprehensive and attractive portfolio of licensed brands. Knucklehead 
looks forward to working with you to create new and attractive 
merchandise for your company.

Be proud to be a Knucklehead! Please contact us for more information 
regarding our services and products.
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